“You Are The King” A Collection Of Unique Sculptures

Sanjyt Syngh, a Delhi-based interior designer and stylist known for his daring and imaginative ideas, has revealed You Are The King, a collection of one-of-a-kind sculptures that entice you to take a step back and examine them more closely.

Words by: Amisha Shirgave

Sanjyt Syngh completed his undergraduate studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and spent a decade there working with some incredible designers and architects before travelling to London for his post-graduate studies. Sanjyt Syngh Design Consultancy was created after he returned home. He plays a variety of roles as the Creative Director of his organisation. He creates work that may be seen all around the world while in New Delhi. 

The sculptures in the ‘You Are The King’ series serve as a reminder of the craziness and weirdness that some of us may harbour in our heads. We may be hesitant to bring it up in conversation, but when confronted with these sculptures, we can easily empathise with them. If the goal of art is to make you think, these pieces succeed admirably.


Summing up the concempt behind the design, Sanjyt Syngh says, “We all have two sides. One that you see in the public, and one that you see in the toilet mirror. Inspired by self-love, I consider my toilet mirror self as my king. My conversations with him are inspiring. He pushes me to trust my weirdness and grow my wings. As per him, normalcy is a barbed wire fence to creativity. He convinces me to have a fxxking opinion and continue being the best version of myself.” A little wildness infuse a room with edgy originality. The same can be said for these statues. You might find your alter ego in these sculptures, just like the designer did. You can also completely admire these kings. They come in ultramarine blue, pure green, and black and are made of fibre and stainless steel. They are the most effective discussion starters available.

Residences, offices, showrooms, exhibition displays, gyms, and restaurants are all part of his portfolio. He has worked on projects in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Kolkata, and is now in charge of projects in Dubai. In the year 2016, 2018 and 2020, Andrew Martin Interior Design Review acknowledged his firm as one of the Top Interior Designers of the World three times. Among 3,000 entries, two of their gyms were named the best gym in India and the finest gym in the world. They were named to Elle Décor India's Design ID Top 50 for 2019. They were also chosen as one of the Top 50 Next iGen Designers for 2019.