Exercise helps to liberate your inner self that wants to be set free. Each time you work out, you carry a takeaway feeling that brings happiness and wholesomeness to your daily life.

Words Veronica Ferraro

Coronavirus concerns, social distancing, gym closures and home confinement may tempt you to just curl up on the couch and binge-watch Netflix, or lose yourself all day in a great novel.

Just like Demi Lovato says in a quote, “Don’t train to be skinny. Train to be a badass!” 

Now that we’re dealing with the pandemic, it is more crucial than ever that we bring out the big guns and really work on our total body wellness. 

There’s no such thing as “I’m going to pause my life till things get better and plan my goals according to how life feels after the pandemic”. Honestly, that means you’re just giving reasons to not take the responsibility of achieving something with all the free time you have now. Goals and opportunities wait for no one. If you’re not going to work towards your happiness then you will never be happy. Similarly, if you’re never going to work out then you will never be fit and you’ll never be able to achieve your fitness goals. 

Although being in quarantine undoubtedly has its downsides, for many, it presented an opportunity to establish a new fitness routine. Now the tough part: continuing such routines as we try to find normal footing in a post-quarantine era — although that era is looking more distant as cases continue to rise in some areas of the country.

In these challenging circumstances, it is very important that we make sure we get a reasonable amount of workout which will help kick in our endorphins and keep our fitness stable. This apparent adversity can actually become a great opportunity to rekindle creative thinking and also indulge in activities which are otherwise ignored. From a simple training point of view, it can also be seen as an opportunity to work on muscle group which otherwise does not get our much-needed attention.

But regular exercise is essential for supporting healthy immune function; preventing weight gain (which can impair immune function); boosting your mood, and keeping you as healthy as possible (and out of the hospital or emergency room) during this challenging global pandemic.

With the world feeling a bit out of your control, now is the perfect time to take control of your health by building daily exercise into your schedule.

Worried about exposure, quarantined or it’s pouring outside? You can still get a full workout at home. If you don’t have exercise equipment in your house, there is still a lot you can do to stay fit, active and sane during these trying times. Online streaming services, the internet and mobile app stores are loaded with a variety of free and low-cost at-home workouts for all fitness levels and workout preferences, and many don’t require any equipment.

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“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” - John F. Kennedy

Luckily, adding even a little a bit of movement into your day can have benefits. It may be easier than you think, particularly since the gyms aren’t re-opening any time soon — and, crucially because, there are no gym bros to intimidate you away from your area of choice.

Right now it’s most important to move, stay healthy and get a moderate amount of exercise. It’s a great time to get started since nobody has to worry about gym-intimidation.


Some tips to get you started:
Challenge yourself and avoid boredom. At home, you won’t have a variety of equipment and classes that are available at a gym. So surf the Internet and browse fitness magazines to check out new workouts and make sure you’re exercising correctly. Pictures are everything. Use them as a guide for form and technique.

Find an exercise partner. You’ll be less likely to find excuses when you’ve arranged to work out with a friend. Schedule your workouts. Look at a planner and write out your exercise appointments one month in advance. If something comes up and you have to change one, reschedule it immediately.

Use a journal to track your progress. Jot down any breakthroughs you may have. When you have a bad day, write that down too to help find patterns you can break. For example, you may find an egg-white omelette gets you through your morning workout better than a bagel.

Set goals. Your goals should be something you can’t do right now, but you know is within your reach. Give yourself mini-rewards along the way: a new fitness magazine, those workout tights you’ve been eyeing, or a new pair of sneakers.

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Most importantly, make exercise integral to your life as sleeping and eating.  You have to think of it as a lifestyle change. It doesn’t end. Get out of the mind-frame that exercise is something you’re only going to do for a period of time.

Don’t be discouraged if your progress is slow and don’t compare your journey with those around you. Be mindful about your goals, be patient with yourself and once you start building a habit I’m sure you’ll be waking up each day without any excuses to meet your workout goals. 

Veronica’s personal advice:
“Training is not only about body strength, it is about mental strength as well. When you start a program with consistency and enthusiasm, after some weeks you’ll begin to see some improvement and every one of them is a big goal. This is the goal that will push you forward again and again! The more you will achieve your goals, the more you will gain self-love, power, confidence and strength. I believe that the easiest way is never the best one! We’ve got to fight for what we want! And we want to build our best version of ourselves.

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