• End To The Myths Of Kamasutra

    You can have all the intellectual talk you want but have you ever discussed sex or conversed openly about it? OH NO? Tell you what; it is the need of the era to educate yourself about sex and NORMALISE TALKING ABOUT IT! While in conversation with Seema Anand, she explains what Kamasutra is really about

    Words by: Amisha Shirgave
  • Guide To Some Of The Best Travel Podcasts

    Listening to podcasts is something that can be done simultaneously while multitasking. And, since there are no boundaries to listening to them, here’s a curated list of travel podcasts that you can enjoy while traveling.
  • The Bane of my Existence

    While smartphones give you access to information on your fingertips, they are also taking people apart instead of connecting them.
  • How to Take Better Smartphone Photos

    You’ve got the latest and greatest smartphone, but still figuring out how to click better pictures? Here are some tips that will take your snapshot game from amateur to amazing.
  • The Fake German Heiress

    Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ has taken internet by storm for the resemblance, story and direction of real life Anna Sorokina’s story. Why is it a must watch? Keep reading to know.
  • World Sushi Day | A day spent well experiencing Sushi making workshop

    A century old recipe which has now transformed into a staple food, and is no longer limited to just fine dines. And, since every town has got a bunch of places serving this delicacy, we headed to one in Pune – the Mamagoto, relishing our taste buds and experiencing the art behind the making

  • Live Long King Lucifer!

    Lucifer is back with its latest episodes which is a deep ride of emotions and you sure haven’t seen all characters so closely ever before. The show takes some unexpected turns but gives the audience just what they wish to see.
  • GenZ and Millenials

    Generation throw down the war that cannot be won Millennials are no longer the coolest of the lot! And the Gen Z won’t let us forget it. Is this war ever going to end? Let’s find out

    The follow up to the critically acclaimed The Last of Us is all about finding humanity at the end of the world

    They weren’t stars we knew about before this. They don’t speak in a language we know. Yet, here we are binge-watching not just the latest Season III but all three seasons of this brilliant Israeli series
  • Have You Watched - Frontier?

    Relive the tumultuous days of the 18th century fur trade in Canada or just remained glued to the screen because you can’t take your eyes off Jason Momoa. Either way, the Frontier is where you should be if you’re in the world we call Netflix
  • Book Review - Sybil

    A true story that will drown you into the mind of a woman possessed with sixteen different personalities
  • AvGeek – The Longest Flight

    When a bunch of men decide to not just restore a World War II vintage aircraft but also fly it around the world, it’s an insane tale of inspiration. This is the story of The Silver Spitfire