Food & Beverages

  • Scottish Leader Original Whiskey

    Scottish Leader Original whiskey is a blend of malt and grain whiskies, which has been recently introduced in India. But, does it have all that to fare against the existing great whiskeys in the market? We sipped a couple of drinks to help you know more about it
  • World Sushi Day | A day spent well experiencing Sushi making workshop

    A century old recipe which has now transformed into a staple food, and is no longer limited to just fine dines. And, since every town has got a bunch of places serving this delicacy, we headed to one in Pune – the Mamagoto, relishing our taste buds and experiencing the art behind the making

  • Drown In Delicacy

    Food might be the way to one’s heart but chocolate is always the reason behind tiny moments of pleasure. It is the perfect go-to for every situation. Let’s get to know some of the luxury chocolate brands that are popular across the globe.
  • Summer Feeling

    Refresh, rejuvenate and eat healthy is your mantra this summer? Surabhi Sehgal gives you just what you need
  • O, for a draught of vintage

    There are many reasons why you should visit Azerbaijan but if you’re a connoisseur of wines then remember that this country is one of the oldest wine producing nations in the world
  • Life is brewtiful

    Make beer interesting and not just to quench your thirst out of a bottle. Try these easy to put together recipes at home