• Method to Madness

    In conversation with Rahul Jagtiani – entrepreneur, content producer and columnist, on the joys of travel, adventure and self-discovery through one of the best ways possible

    Words by Yvonne Jacob
  • Fluttering Through Time

    In conversation with Michelle Poonawalla on her artwork and the simple things that drive her creativity

    Words by: Yvonne Jacob
  • The New Mother Sauces

    Our culinary expert, YohannSetna is back with a master guide to nailing the new mother sauces for that 5-star experience at home

    Words Yohann J Setna
  • Can’t flip flop on this one

    From the ancient Greek hoplite and the rishis of the Sapt Sindhu to the beach bum with the ripped abs of today, the open sandal has never gone out of style

    Words Aninda Sardar

    These flavourful hummus recipes by Surabhi Sehgal are perfect for your healthy binge-watching sessions

    Recipes and Photography by Surabhi Sehgal
    Compiled by Yvonne Jacob
  • Kronborg Castle

    “To be or not to be, that’s the question”

    Words Nisha Jha & R Vasudevan
  • Travel Diaries

    Ever jumped from a mountain? Rafted through a waterfall? Drank water from a river or camped on a snow mountain? If not, then you really haven't seen anything at all. Here are our top 10 picks for your next adventure

    Words & Photography: Rahul Jagtiani

    The digital world can be a tricky place, but every now and then, it is okay to take a break and just focus on yourself

    Words Sejal Kumar, Photography Vanika Gupta

    We’re all adapting to the concept of a ‘new normal’ with the pandemic. While we’re at this, why don’t we learn to normalise other important things as well?

    Words Aashna Bhagwani