“Here is a woman whose basic instinct is to defy convention and remain outside every box that can be created”

Words Afzal Rawuther
Photography Gaurav S Thombre


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You can love her for her spunk, you can hate her for her brashness but what you can’t do with Sherlyn Chopra is put her in a boxOf course as an evolved Indian man you already know that Sherlyn Chopra is Playboy’s first ever Indian playmate. Yes, she knows what life was really like inside the mansion. By now you’ve probably also Googled every controversy she’s ever been associated with, including one with a vegetable. And going by what you’ve seen floating around on the filter-less internet you would have put her in the same box where you put other such damsels in search of the brightest spotlight that is fame. And thus you would have ruined your chances of ever getting to know the real Sherlyn Chopra, for she is someone you simply cannot stereotype.

The real Sherlyn isn’t just someone whose picture portfolio on Instagram will set your heartbeats racing or raise your body temperatures. There’s a lot more there than meets the naked eye...

This is an excerpt from the story in the December issue of  JUST URBANE. To read more, subscribe below.


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