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Stay in repurposed ship containers in this beautiful property in Baga, and do not forget to hike up to the secret beach

At first glance, Beach box hotel looks like a hipster hostel. Cycle parts make up the bar stools; chains, nuts, and bolts adorn the walls as decoration; a container doubles up as a pool; and murals on the walls attempt to outgleam each other. But a closer look shows you another side of this funky stay, something much more than those lazy afternoon siestas on the sunbeds. Beach Box Hotel is based upon a unique concept that believes in supporting the environment.

The entire property is made of used shipping containers, thus reiterating the fact that they are an eco-friendly stay. The entire material is reused and repurposed to design the hotel. Let not the tough exteriors intimidate you; this hotel provides guests with all the amenities that they’re looking for, and a lot more.

The unique design is not all that there is to the property. Beach Box Hotel also brings together the wanderlust of travellers and the spirit of tourists in a beautiful balance, all thanks to its service. A community bar and dining area are popular amongst locals and tourists in the locales of Baga Beach, but it is the concept around which it is designed that makes it stand out. One does not have to be a guest to wine and dine at this funky poolside bar and restaurant. Thanks to the availability of space, this area serves as the perfect ground for networking and conversations over drinks (and masala prawns!). On chatting with one of the owners, we were informed that they would soon be hosting community events every week at the bar.

When in Goa, we recommend you check this scene out. Room service is available for lunch and dinner, while breakfast is a pleasant affair by the poolside, with freshly cut fruits, eggs, toasts, and coffee to give you company. Breakfast also serves as an opportunity to interact with other guests as they plan their days ahead. We in fact ended up meeting a lot of travellers at breakfast, and an entire morning was spent watching one of them complete a mural on one of the walls of the suites. An in-house kitten makes for a playful pet, so much so that you can head to your breakfast table alone and she’ll keep you company. True story.

The entrance to the quirky hotel

Beach Box Hotel is located a stone’s throw away from Baga Beach, a beach thronging with tourists at all given  times of the year. But there is a secret beach not far from Beach Box Hotel that not many know of. It’s a little bit of a hike, but then what is a vacation without a workout, isn’t it? We headed out towards the hill one afternoon, walking along the narrow road that opened on to the Baga Hill. Gentle waves crashed on the Baga beach on the opposite shore, bluegreen waters glistened in the distance, the sun slowly made its way to the horizon, and fishermen set out with their boats on full throttle, as we made our way up the gentle slopes of the hill.

Just before the turn that would later reveal the secret beach, we reached the highest point that gave us a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. We stood transfixed by what greeted us, shades of blue overpowering the rest of the hues of Mother Nature.We stood there for 10 minutes, maybe 15, before continuing on our hike. The turn in the path revealed a picture perfect scenery – waves crashed on the rocks below as a small beach with coarse, mustard yellow sand stood there invitingly. A shack on the beach (the only one) slowly came to life as we took the centre table and ordered our beers and calamaris.

The reception with a re-purposed taxi seating

Ship containers being used to build a hotel might seem like an odd concept, but the millennial behind this idea strongly support the environment.Believe it or not, even the bar, swimming pool, and reception are made from repurposing old containers. The red theme of the hotel provides a rustic, quirky vibe, and adds a zing of energy in a property that is built for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The rooms are well appointed with funky furniture, a TV, cable connection, Wi-Fi, linen, glass walled windows, a funky bathroom décor and adequate ventilation. The hotel aims to provide high quality of service to its guests, without compromising on the state of the environment. Their motto to re-use materials offers a unique blend of contemporary and innovative charm. With Beach Box Hotel, the sunsplashed state of Goa serves as the perfect mix of adventure and luxury for 30- somethings, full of carefree youthfulness and a raw, jazzy sophistication. Check in to discover a new side to your favourite beach holiday destination.


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