Arkup’s Floating homes: The next luxury creation for the future generation

Words: Sreshta Bhattacharya

Picture yourself sitting inside a plush glass ceiled room on shore, looking across the distant city life. Imagine defining your living boundaries and waking up in the same bedroom but with a different sight whenever you like. I guess some of these dreams do come true!

In the midst of rapid urbanization, rising sea-levels and carbon emissions Arkup LLC, a Miami based company: (pioneers fully solar powered, self-elevating livable yachts) in association with Dutch architect Koen Olthuis envisioned avant-grade life on water with floating houses. Maintaining sustainability as there key fundamental from conception to construction, they have combined renewable energy with technological innovation and astute designs elements to bestow the future generation with the best of both the worlds in their living space.

Main Characteristics and Technological Advantages

Each unit is about 4,350 square feet, containing 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Through a combination of solar panels, as well as water purification and waste management systems, they can operate entirely off the grid. Let’s dissect the science of the property part by part to understand this better:

The 2300sq/ft roof is covered with 30kW solar electric panels which generate sufficient green energy to live off the grid. A smart communication system with satellite TV, WIFI, LTE and VHF ensures you stay connected to the entertainment of the city life even if you far away from it. A user friendly monitoring system: Smart Console allows you to navigate, manage the operating system, ballasts, battery and tank.  A modular hull exists that accommodates four separate technical rooms for hydraulic, electrical and water-related equipments. It also offers plenty of storage room. Then there are two azimuth electric thrusters of 136 hp each that rotate 180 degrees for the best navigation and maneuverability. Bringing back the old school method of rain harvesting combined with innovation; the yacht collects rainwater on its roof and then stores it in the hull. This is then purified to ensure fresh water full-autonomy. A grand sized sliding outdoor terrace of 24×12 feet with shock resistant glass panels speaks of safety and luxury both at the same time. And the best part? A boat lift is located at the stern to easily dock ones tender or jet skis. The sun deck can be immersed, turning into a private sea-pool, now! Isn’t that cool??

While floating houses are already a popular way of living in some parts of the world like Netherland, US West Coast cities and South East Asia, Arup is the first to market “à la carte” product for upscale Florida buyers bringing major innovations to a simple concept.  Its innovation not only provides a comfortable living space but these yachts also ensure flexible mobility to and fro the bay. Furthermore the yachts make you feel 100% safe by protecting you from untoward weather conditions, hurricanes, high winds, surge and floods thanks to its self elevating hydraulic spuds which anchors the yacht upto 20ft completely above the sea level.

Olthuis is known for designing homes on water. His architecture firm, Waterstudio, has exclusively built floating buildings for over a decade. It is also working on a floating villa and a floating hotel in Dubai — as well as a floating wildlife-habitat tower in Dianchi Lake, Southern China. Olthuis foresee livable yachts and other floating homes as the future of real estate, especially in the face of climate change.

The proof of this concept is currently being built on the Miami River and is expected to be completed by the middle of 2018. They’re planning to go to market next summer. The team expects the mobile home to cost something in between $2 million to $3 million.


  • Environmentally friendly, powered by solar energy, no fuel, zero emission, equipped with waste management, rainwater harvesting and purification systems.
  • An avant-garde technological concept engineered to integrate renewable energies and a customized jack-up barge that makes it future-proof.
  • French art de vivre, Dutch maritime tradition, luxury design and high quality materials with cutting edge home automation technologies.
  • Made for all environments and designed to withstand category 4 hurricane winds, the yachts are equipped with a hydraulic self-elevating system to prevent from sea-sickness and flooding.
  • The yachts can be customized on demand, from dimensions and design to technologies and features.

While innovation and technology has always faced criticism from the conservationists, this architectural masterpiece combines the interest of both and provides the nature and its people the best that it can in the face of reality.



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