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‘The chef brings in her honed expertise, blends them together, adds a little pinch of her twist and serves exclusive platters in this bungalow-turned-cafe’

A relaxed ambience, European style cooking and a laid-back vibe

The Flour Works in Baner, Pune, is the perfect place to go on dinners and brunch with family and friends. Brainchild of Chef Meeta Makhecha, one of Pune’s few female restaurateurs; it was established in 2012 in Kalyani Nagar, Pune. You know the menu, and your experience will be out of this world when the chef herself has worked with brands like La Folie and The Fifth Floor- exclusive fine dining restaurants of USA.She brings in her honed expertise, blends them together, adds a little pinch of her twist and serves exclusive platters in this bungalow-turned- cafe. Let us walk you through a few of our favourite’s that are a necessary try. This place has a lot to offer, from exquisite soup to some finger licking desserts. One of the most delicious and refreshing drinks that I have tasted in a really long time is Frosted, a blend of freshly cut watermelons, with splashes of mint and syrup. It’s on the sweeter side but is a must try as it leaves a whiff of freshness. It has a slightly tangy touch thanks to the lemons, and is a perfect summer drink. The Mojito gives you the right amount of kick with its strong mint and lemon flavour- a must try to refresh yourself after a busy day at work.

For starters, we went ahead and ordered Garlic chicken and Pear parmesan balsamic salad. Garlic chicken was clearly the star, with jalapenos and finely cut chunks of garlic mixed with sautéed onions. The chicken was well cooked and jalapenos added the right amount of tanginess to keep the dish exciting. Pear parmesan balsamic salad isn’t the most recommended but their seasoning is one of the most exclusive seasonings that I have tasted. With a bed of balsamic leaves with pear and parmesan cheese slices on top, it was a refreshing change for our palettes. The best part about this place is nothing comes in a quantity that might be too much or too less. It’s the right amount to fill you up for that particular course. Next in line was the main course. We had a Mushroom Risotto, Lamb shepherd pie and Roasted chicken. The Mushroom Risotto’s rice with a lot of cheese and tossed mushrooms sure does fill you up but the excessive amount of cheese does tend to feel monotonous after a while. Lamb shepherd pie was a delight with a cheesy layer that covered the minced lamb, baked with peas, finely cut carrots and mushroom.

The flavours of the dish were just right- not too spicy but neither too bland. The star of the evening was their Roasted Chicken. It was divine- just like a new-born baby who gets all the attention while the older kids are slightly neglected. One bite of it and we knew we were digging in. The chicken was served with thyme sauce, mashed potatoes, crispy beans and broccoli. The two surprising elements were the glazed crispy top of the chicken, and the finely cut carrots and cabbage that were baked within the chicken. It was magic to me, but I’m sure in the Flour Works kitchen, it was a daily fare. Nothing can end without a touch of sweetness to it. We ordered the Chocolate Terrain, and it was heavenly. The thick, chocolate mousse was topped with almonds and whipped cream. The cream was bland which was perfect as it balanced out the sweet chocolate. Don’t hesitate to order one for each cause you wouldn’t want to share yours.

Overall it’s an exquisite restaurant with an amazing ambience and some delicious tasting food. Happy eating!


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