REVIEW: Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship

Does Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship have a smooth sail or does it meet the same fate as Titanic? We find out
Words Yvonne Jacob

Something about Indian ghosts really freaks me out. It may be because of their overexaggerated makeup or inverted wall climbing skills but there’s no denying the fact that they are hella creepy. Bhoot had already created a buzz thanks to Vicky Kaushal playing the role of the protagonist, Prithvi, and then comes the intriguing plot of an abandoned ship mysteriously being docked on the shores of Mumbai. The movie explores the loss and grief faced by Prithvi who loses his wife and daughter in an unfortunate incident and tries to cope up with medication which he eventually quits and starts seeing visions of his lost family. Prithvi feels a connection to the ship’s case as he relates his to his past and tries to get to the bottom of things to unearth the story behind the mysterious ship and its vanished crew.


Prithvi discovers clues and has strange instances that make him believe that the ship is haunted. Unfortunately for him, the deeper he digs, the more this evil force starts to intervene with his life, bringing back painful memories and trying to reach out for help. Determined to somehow make up for the loss of his family, he tries all he can to save the troubled soul on the ship. The film producers (over)use tactical jumpscares but the production and environment of the ship sure makes you wish you never get trapped there. As soon as the level of anticipation and excitement soars up, it comes crashing down thrice as fast when the storyline gets absurd and stops making sense towards the end. After that point, you just need to switch your brain off and continue to watch only to pacify your curiosity. There was a lot of potential for the movie if it hadn’t taken typical bollywood plot turns. Let’s hope the next part is better. And if you haven’t watched the movie yet, now’s the best time to do so during the lockdown and get your share of watching the ghost glide on water. It is an interesting sight to see!