Words Vani Kambali

An open-air spa was introduced by this A-class hotel for the sole reason of releasing the ‘negative energy’ out in the open.



An outdoor experience using exclusive Himalayan Ananda oil curated just for you after an intense one to one counseling session


It was a gloomy Wednesday morning. The rain Gods had decided to bless Peshwa city a little too much. The continuous downpour obstructed me from experiencing this sure-fire mood lifting therapy. Finally, after an agonising wait, the sun shone, and I could visit Hyatt, Pune for the complete spa experience. This spa, however, was unlike any other. It wasn’t inside a room surrounded by four walls. Instead, it’s exposed to nature, where lifting your face puts you eye to eye with the clear sky and high-rise mountains. An open-air spa was introduced by this A-class hotel for the sole reason of releasing the ‘negative energy’ out in the open.

While therapies in a room might give a personal and comforting experience, the surety of the negative energies leaving the body entirely remained uncertain. Hence, open air. There are assorted spas based on varied experiences. Someone whose muscles are put in a lot of pressure time and again can opt for the ‘Deep Tissue’ massage, as it helps release each and every spasm from your body. A herbal experience can be relished through their Ayurvedic therapies. I, however, opted for a Swedish spa. Because for me, the entire day was solely about relaxation. You will be guided through the spa property where a massage tent setup awaits you.

The masseuse provides you with a foot massage first where you rinse your feet into lukewarm water soothing your muscles, hydrating your skin and relieving stress. Hyatt spa uses Ananda products directly sourced from the Himalayas to provide the ultimate genuine experience. Various oils can opt for different moods. I chose ‘whisper in the rain’ aroma, being their monsoon special. It’s a 60-90 minute intense relaxation session, with the stress wrung out of your body by the talented masseuses. In a country booming with entrepreneurs and various working professionals, leading to alarming stress levels, a spa every 15 days is a necessity. And from personal experience, a session like this, amidst the lush greens and muddy browns, is something everyone must experience. It’s mandatory!

For open-air spa bookings:

Email: pune.hyatthotels@hyatt.com
Contact: +91 2066068810


Nagar Road, adjacent to
Aga Khan Palace, Kalyani
Nagar, Pune – 411006