Words Jasleen Kaur

No more barriers for being too feminine or too masculine.


Blurring lines and visions fine have made fashion more versatile. Gender fluidity is the new motto that fashion designers are swearing by. No more barriers for being too feminine or too masculine. With people identifying themselves as genderless, opening the closets with broader mind, has led designers backing them up with ripping away the labels of men and women categorized. This has opened the closed boxes to let people be theirselves and embrace the genderless concept without any fear and limit to test. The neutral concept in the menswear market had quite an effect with genderless brands such as NotEqual, One DNA, Proud Race and many more, dipping their feet into the movement. They have paved the way for the unspoken issues; an individual’s sexuality is no one’s business. Brands such as these are the reason why the Neutral Wave is going mainstream and creating awareness for change.

Even though, genderqueer has been a part of society for centuries, it was never globally adapted. But with the changing times, fashion industry has become anomalous, throwing away the restrictive norms and giving the freedom to express individuality. A-list celebrities like Young thug and Jaden Smith are seen flaunting their feminine side with pride, while looking dapper in their style. The fashion store named The Phluid Project in New York has created a buzz with its non-binary clothes to dress gender-non-confirming buyers. Even the gender-based sizing options are now being scrapped off, making way for the new androgynous sizing chart.

It’s not just the fashion industry that’s on the forefront with this. Makeup brands too have become genderless. Male beauty bloggers displaying ‘Boy Beauty’ are the musings for the big brands to show gender diversity while changing the dogmatic view and breaking the stereotypes. The gender blending with beauty can be seen on the social media shinning bright and followers admiring it with bucket tons of likes, accepting the concept of gender fluidity with a smile. Calvin Klein, M.A.C, Maybelline New York, L’Oreal Paris are just some of the brands who are collaborating with male beauty bloggers to showcase their new neutral style. Be it, James Charles, Jeffree Star or Gary Thompson, every make-up artists flying high with the big brands highlighting their career and their face too, with tint of shimmer and shine.

The path is laid but we still have long way to go. To break the rules and norms that are stopping us from living the lifestyle we want. The word ‘Gender’ has been redefined to let people free themselves from shackles of a narrow mind and create a whole new world without excluding any type. The Neutral Wave taking over the future fashion and minds.