September 3, 2018


Words: Abhishek Kulkarni

Volume 2 Issue 4 Sept ’18
“Humility and gratitude never go out of style, and after all, isn’t that what being an URBANE man is really all about?”


“Any man who must say, I am the king, is no true king.” This glorious phrase from Game of Thrones has stuck with me, and is something I live by. That one sentence applies itself in any situation. The moment a person tries to push their weight around, when they try to portray themselves as something they’re clearly not, that’s the moment everything around them crashes. So my advice to you kids is be humble, stay true to yourself, respect people, and in turn, you will naturally command respect. Humility and gratitude never go out of style, and after all, isn’t that what being an URBANE man is really all about?

With that life lesson aside, let’s dive right into this month’s issue. I have been hearing a lot about this word called ‘street style’. I have hard time digesting that term – preferring to be all suited up no matter what the occasion. So the term is lost on me. But when I heard about this guy, Keshav, donning Guccis, Balenciagas, Maison Margielas, and more, with the tag of street style, I was pretty surprised. Needless to say, we had to feature this young chap in our issue. After all, lifestyle is what we do best! Another interesting person we spoke to is Aditya Patel. Indian motorsport has been raised onto another level, thanks to him. We’ve featured some brand new and exciting toys this month. Imagine soaring through the skies, with jet thrusters strapped onto your body. I’m sure everyone’s had that dream at least once in their lives. Well, this man, Richard M Browning, is making that dream a reality! Talking about the skies and beyond, our Contributing Editor Rohan’s review on one of the coolest space shows of recent times – Lost in Space. While I prefer to remain Earth-bound, this phenomenal show does make for some riveting viewing, so sci-fi lovers are in for a real treat. Imagine watching the latest shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, reviewing them, and then getting paid for it. He’s probably got the best job out of us all.My team works tirelessly to get you the best content – month after month.

Another toy this time is my absolute favourite car. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class. I’ve had my eyes on this car for a very long time, and when I got the chance to spend a day with it, I obviously wasn’t going to say no.

Speaking about luxury, we have a story with the magnificent YOO Villas this month. Panchshil Realty have created something truly special for Pune with this unique concept, unknown to us cityfolk. Our regular contributors too have done a phenomenal job this month. With ace photographer, Kal Kalim, the magazine stands out like a star with his brilliant pictures, and his unique way of storytelling.

All in all, another great issue awaits your reading. And in the spirit of gratitude, thank you for being a part of Urbane.

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