August 5, 2018


Words: Abhishek Kulkarni

Volume 2 Issue 2 August ’18
“Our goal is to have URBANE in the hands of every man who appreciates the finer things in life”


With close connects in the world of print media, there was this phenomena I constantly saw that shook the employees to the very core. “Closing”, they mumbled in fear. I never quite understood this irrational concept that made even the best break into a cold sweat. That was before I started this magazine. Now here I am, penning my thoughts into this note in the dead of night, right after a tiring launch party of a lounge, with my team toiling away to close this issue on time. I now understand, and am humbled by, what goes behind the making of a magazine. Speaking of, we’ve got some incredible content in store for you this month.

July has been beautiful, and we’ve been blessed with enough downpour to liven up the greens of Maharashtra. We took that to our advantage and decided to head out to exotic locations and have fun with an unusual drop-top, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. In other automotive content, Claus Müller has contributed an elegant article about a classic car festival, all the way from Switzerland, where he was one among the elite judges. And we’ve also featured the astonishing Nissan Italdesign GT-R50, which looks absolutely gorgeous in its grey-gold paint job.

This month’s issue stands out as the Watch Special. But we’ve decided to switch it up a bit, and instead of just featuring well-known brands, a unanimous decision was made by the genius editorial team to venture into the unknown and get you stories of some highly unconventional watchmakers. I was stunned when I looked at pictures of time-pieces from MB&F and Urwerk, and I just knew that these bespoke pieces had to make their way into the magazine. There’s also a beautiful car and watch feature which just can’t be given a miss. These ideas are the brainchild of Ajinkya Nair. The man knows a lot about watches but I haven’t really checked how punctual he is to work yet.

Speaking about an evergreen, ever growing team, one passionate artist that has been added to the URBANE family is our new chief photographer, Sameer Belvalkar – a person whose skills have left us spellbound. The way he comes up with brilliant pictures without any edits is an artform lost with the new age of photographers. Hats off to the man who has shot superb features within the magazine, and the cover story for the month.

With that, we come to our cover man, Sonu Sood, the ultimate on-screen bad boy. He has earned a great name through many blockbusters, not just in Bollywood, but in cinemas around the nation. That, however, hasn’t gotten to his head. The man is extremely humble and was super friendly on the shoot.

We’re proud to get you the best in luxury month after month, and our goal is to have URBANE in the hands of every man who appreciates the finer things in life.

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