July 9, 2018


Words: Abhishek Kulkarni

Volume 2 Issue 2 July ’18
“My team, obviously, has worked very hard to get to this point, and I am nothing but grateful to them”


As the publisher of a magazine that’s getting accolades by the day, i feel a rollercoaster of emotions as I begin to write this note. By a rollercoaster, I don’t mean that it had its ups and downs. But a rollercoaster in the sense that there was always a smile plastered to my face. The magazine turned one, and we had to begin its new year with a bang. So we celebrated the only way we know how, by throwing a huge party! It feels incredible when I look back, yet sometimes the entire journey feels surreal. Right from the inception of this magazine to the point of making it the product that it is today. In the beginning, as is with everything in life, it was difficult. We had to hunt for personalities to be interviewed and featured; there were rejections, disappointments, and needless to say, hardships were faced. But now, it’s the achievers themselves who request for a feature in our magazine. My team, obviously, has worked very hard to get to this point, and I am nothing but grateful to them.

In other news, it’s World Cup season! And Dr. Shashi Tharoor gives you an insight on how the term World Cup might sound the same, but the ideology can vary from pole to pole between ICC and FIFA. Meanwhile, on the cover, we have Sandip Soparrkar with us this time. This is a man whose achievements are definitely worth a read. A person who not only has impressed the world with his moves on the dance floor, but also just left a lasting impression as the face of a stamp issued by the Government of Bhutan.

Our contributors, as usual, have done complete justice to the sections they write for. Be it food, travel, gaming, or spaces. The one thing however that’s always been close to my heart are cars. I have always been fond of automobiles, from the age my memory takes me to, which is why the automotive content you see here is growing exponentially. I just feel that I have the best job in the world each time a brand wants to send in one of their cars for a review. As I write this, I got a confirmation from JLR about one exciting beast we would be getting soon and yes, she’s a special one.

Speaking of cars, a day prior to our anniversary party, we hosted a fashion show too. Okay, that part wouldn’t really appeal to auto enthusiasts. But hear me out. The event was hosted at the B.U. Bhandari Mercedes showroom in Pune. And the reason I’m telling you all this is because at the event, there were three very special cars brought in just for our event. The E 63, the GT S Roadster, and the GT R. Yes, you read that right. The Beast of the Green Hell was there too. And I could hardly control my excitement. But enough rambling about my interests now. I’ll allow you to go ahead and read what’s in store for you.

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