‘The interiors bring together small details of Prince Harry and Meghan and beautifully weave them together’


Mini Cooper represents design, authenticity and long-term value. The trendy and energetic British racing car, perceived as a ‘unique personality on wheels,’ is known for offering customization to each of its buyers thereby providing them with an unparalleled personality of their own. While the world was getting ready to witness the spectacular union of Britain’s favorite prince and America’s popular television actress, MINI decided to raise a toast by designing an exclusive one-off car for the Royal Wedding. To celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the iconic British brand has released an exclusive MINI Hatch to honor the special occasion. With personalization throughout the car to produce a MINI like no other, the one-of-a-kind car is a charitable gift that was donated to the couple’s chosen charity, The Children’s HIV Association (CHIVA), who would then auction the car to the public. Finished in crystal white with silver blue accent strips and a black band that goes around the MINI, the car’s blue-tinted matt silver paint finish lends it a subtle imperial touch. The rear lights in the Union Jack’s design teamed with the handmade roof art which incorporates the elements of the two flags – the Union Jack and the Stars & Stripes – reemphasizes the coming together of the two nations.

Although the MINI retained some of its original features, the abstract take on the flags of both the countries added a layer of personal touch. The scattered elements add a subtle hint of the age-old Royal British air

The multicolored, graphically hand painted roof of the MINI is no doubt a highlight of the exteriors. With an extensive use of 3D printing, the brand has given their customers an upper hand when it comes to customizing their own MINI. This special MINI has 3D printed side scuttles with the initials M and H, a heart, and a ring embellished on them. The scuttles, which are placed around the side turn signal indicators of the front passenger and driver seat, project a “Just Married” welcome on the ground when the door is opened. In spite of the specially tailored elements, the MINI has retained some of its recognizable features – the hexagonal radiator grille frame in chrome and bluish black tints of clear coat on the door handles and headlight surrounds. The dark blue metallic wheel rims add a hint of modernity to its appearance.

If the exteriors are modern, the interiors are utter luxury seen through rose-tinted glasses. With stunning satellite grey leather complementing the roof graphics on the trim strips on the door, the interiors bring together small details of Prince Harry and Meghan and beautifully weave them together.The sun visor is embroidered with perforations and red and blue threads, thereby creating an abstract take on the two flags. The couple’s name, wedding date and good wishes 3D printed on the large trim strip on the dashboard are a feature that brings all these adaptations together to make a car fit for the Royals.

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