Instagrammers to follow for a fitter you

Words Protima Tiwari

“It never gets easier, you just get stronger”.

Here’s some much-needed motivation to get fit. Follow these Instagramming fitness gurus to get your daily dose!

Certified by The National School of Strength and Conditioning in the US, Huzefa is one of the co-founders of The Outfit gym in Bangalore and has earned a niche for himself in the fitness industry over the years. One look at his Instagram profile will show you his dedication to fitness, and his mantra of “one size does not fit all” will inspire you to educate yourself before you take the next step towards fitness. His training involves posture, techniques, progression, nutrition, sleep, rehabilitation, and supplements. He keeps improvising with his diet and workouts and believes conditioning works in the long run.

Coach Devrath Vijay is a certified strength and conditioning specialist based in Bangalore. After having worked in gyms all across the country, Devrath realized the need for fitness education. This led him to open ‘The Outfit’, a gym he co-owns with Huzefa and Kris. Devrath runs his own training module where he combines CrossFit training and strength conditioning. This fitness trainer is not only an entrepreneur but also a dancer, model, and martial artist. He has also won the Silver medalist at the EKFA All India Kettlebell Championships. Follow Devrath and be inspired by those handstands, jumps, kicks and just about everything he has to say.

Mustafa Ahmed believes that fitness is a religion, and after scrolling down his Instagram profile, you’ll realize that he takes his religion very seriously. One look at his Instagram profile will have you floored – he has mastered the art of Aztec push-ups, Superman push-ups and, wait for it, the deadly Olympic Lifts! Mustafa has been training Hrithik Roshan since 2016, and the results of the training were seen in the movie Mohenjo Daro. He is one superhuman trainer who will slay it at the gym and enjoy a delicious meal from his health food venture Fitness Bakery, and have you think out loud, “Is there anything that this man cannot do?”

Celebrity trainer and bodybuilder Kumar Mannava is a great source of fitspiration for those looking at the technique and science behind bodybuilding. Not only does he show you superhero moves at the gym, but also imparts knowledge that might help you learn the correct methods involved in weight training, and how different exercises affect different muscle groups. Mannava is also the first master trainer, certified by Physique Elite, founded by Kris Gethin and Neil Hill. Some of the leading sportsmen, business heads, and Tollywood stars swear by his workouts.




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