The Lockdown playlist – 8 shows you should have watched

If you haven’t watched these eight fantastic shows over the past couple of months then you’re binge watch life is yet to form a full cycle

Words Chaitrali Tilak


Love to watch series online? The recent pandemic has given us plenty of time to devote to our favourite series. But how many times are you going to watch reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? It is time to explore something new. With so many options available online it can get confusing. So, quarantine or not, here are some new and old shows that are totally worth of your time.

1)    Chernobyl, Hotstar Premium

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This HBO original action-packed series explores one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history – the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. This 5-episode series sheds light on the disaster and its aftermath via stories of those who were affected in the incident. A bit of history and lots of action packed drama has always been a winning pair after all.

2)    Family Man, Amazon Prime Video

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If you haven’t already watched this, do it immediately. This 2019 gripping action drama series has the super talented Manoj Bajpayee playing a middles class man who is secretly a badass spy. Follow his journey as he tries to fulfil his family responsibilities while at the same time trying to protect the nation from terrorists.

3)    Asur, Voot Select

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A brilliant psychological thriller that digs deep into Hindu mythology. Weaving deftly between two timelines – past and present, Asur follows its main characters; played by Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti, on a quest to find a serial killer. A perfect blend of emotion, suspense and thrill; Asur will leave a lingering impact on your mind.

4)    Brooklyn Nine Nine, Netflix

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One of the most underrated sitcoms, this show has all the feel-good factors you will need for a rough day. It follows a group of NYPD detectives of the fictional 99 precinct as they navigate through friendships, love and heartbreak while solving crimes. Well-rounded characters, diversity, inclusivity maybe some of the reasons to watch this show, but the biggest of them all is that it is genuinely hilarious.

5)    Sacred Games: Season 2, Netflix

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If you thought the first season was engaging, the second is even more so. This season explores Gaitonde’s life abroad and his subsequent return to his favourite city. Meanwhile Sartaj Singh desperately tries to save Mumbai from a possible nuclear attack. What’s Gaitonde’s role in the said attack? You will have to watch it to find out!

6)    Mirzapur, Amazon Prime Video

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Guns, Violence, Politics, this gangster drama has it all. Set in Uttar Pradesh, the story follows two brothers as they get tangled in the world of gang wars, rivalry and drugs after they befriend the hot-headed son of a local gangster. Solid story writing and some brilliantly nuanced performances from the cast make this one bingeworthy series.

7)    Tiger King, Netflix

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This one is easily one of the most watched and talked about shows of the year. Bizarre, eccentric and larger than life, Tiger King can easily get you hooked all day long. The show follows Joe Exotic aka Tiger King, the owner of a private zoo and his obsession with achieving fame that leads to his ultimate downfall. It’s a straightforward verdict for this one. Definitely do not miss this fast paced, complex and crazy show. 

8)    Unorthodox, Netflix

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An orthodox Jewish woman runs away from the bindings of her community and an arranged marriage to start a new life in another country forms the basic plot of this Yiddish miniseries. The story follows Esty as she tries to adjust to her newfound freedom that has glaring disparities with her rigid and rule bound life back home. Watch this series not only for its inspiring story but also for Shira Haas who brings Esty to life with a nuanced performance.

So fire up some popcorn and get ready to binge watch your way through the night.

Pic Credit - IMDb