Words: Andre Rodrigues

‘The RC Car lets you control a very insectile-like moving vehicle, but someone actually programmed it to control a wheelchair’


While Sony and Microsoft are bringing on the power with big processors in fully loaded cutting-edge gaming consoles, Nintendo is bringing you the very latest in, cardboard. Yes, that cardboard, the very same material that your favorite beers are stacked in. No, this does not mean you have to rush out right now, buy a lot of beer and drink it all for the cartons. Well, you could, but it won’t do you any good, at least not now. You see, Nintendo’s just launched Labo, a wonderful new innovation that quite literally lets you build your own games. All you need to enter the wonderful world of Labo is the Nintendo Switch and the willingness to brave through the frustrations of assembling together pieces of cardboard. It’s a lot more fun if you have kids, then you can leave the building, and once they’re done you can reap the benefits of their hard work. Essentially, these cardboard plans transform into usable controllers called Toy-Cons, which can control certain games on the Switch’s screen. Some of these require the controllers to be individually inserted into slots. Some require the screen unit to be used as part of the effect.

There's something fishy about the Nintendo Labo T.
Build your own cardboard piano and make some tunes.

It is available in two kits, which vary in what you want your Labo experience to be. The variety kit is filled with simple but effective series of buildable controllers. You can assemble a sort of a fishing rod at the end of an elastic wire, which lets you put your Switch on the floor, from which you catch some digital fish. People across the world are actually building some amazing innovations with the RC car and Piano kit. The former by default lets you control a very insectile-like moving vehicle, but someone actually programmed it to control a wheelchair.

As for the latter, people have been rocking it out with some rad tunes. The house is a bit more cookie cutter, which lets you build the house shell, with the screen acting as a window into the life going on inside. There’s the Robot kit if you want something more of a challenge, to really show you the ropes of what the Labo is capable of. You have to assemble a complex looking backpack and headgear, which allows you to control onscreen robots. While all of these seem great, it’s the Toy-Con Garage that’s got to be the most interesting. This nifty piece of software is where the Labo magic is at, allowing you to program your very own Labo innovations that you can build out of those aforementioned beer cartons.

Did anyone tell you that you punch like cardboard
An RC car experience like no other.

Let that beer inspiration flow. Nintendo’s stuff usually never gets here, but that hasn’t stopped the grey market from getting it down. You can bet your britches that the Labo is already in stock here, if not now, probably in some time. So if you want one, you better make sure you get the Switch first, which is easy, it’s one of the best gaming systems out there today. Labo is just an added cherry on top.

The Robot Kit is for those who want a more challenging Labo experience