• Travel France

    When In France

    Summer in Paris! Sounds dreamy, right? Turns out that Eiffel Tower is not the only destination you can visit in the city of love. Keep reading to discover multiple tourist destinations in France.
  • Singapore in a Hurry

    Singapore is a destination that always has you wanting to return for more. Most often we return to a destination because we haven’t experienced everything but the secret of Singapore is that you want to come back and do the same things again, and again.
  • Goa Tourism

    Goa is charming in any month of the year. However, it comes alive in September, when the rains are playing hide-n-seek, and the greenery has a life of its own. This is a day well spent in North Goa.
  • New challenger

    Sitting at the top of the family tree, the Pardo Endurance 60 is the latest addition to Cantiere del Pardo’s family that is inspired by the travelers.

    Words: Vishal Joshi
  • The Rockstar Hotelier

    We chatted with John Spence, owner of international travel and lifestyle brand Karma Group on his fascinating journey spanning decades and continents, the future of the travel industry and why luxury means simplicity to him

    Words: Samreen Khoja

  • Making a case for the Suitcase

    Believe it or not, even though we can’t imagine travel without this particular item, the suitcase as we know it has only been around for just over a century
  • How the backpack changed our lives

    Can you imagine a world without backpacks? From its rudimentary beginnings to its becoming a lifestyle statement, this is the story of the backpack
  • ROAR

    Forget Katy Perry’s lyrics, when 3,160 tons of water fall 51 metres at an average speed of 32 feet per second, all you hear is a roar
  • Wine and fish

    Move over Nappa Valley, superb Canadian wine paired with delectable fish is the stuff of dreams
  • Day 1: Canada Calling!

    After weeks of planning, we are off to Canada to celebrate the idea of friendship with a road trip packed with adventures.
  • Moorish Tales

    The construction is more astonishing because of the fact that the architects designed the lavish palaces with modest means
  • Hot Spot

    “Salesmen at the grand Bazaar are great conversationalists and Turkish hospitality also gets you a free cup of tea, but maybe not the best carpet”