• Seasonal is the New Sexy

    Seasonal ingredients have their own speciality, and making something delicious out of them is truly rewarding. Here are some ingredients to look out for this season\

    Words Vicky Ratnani

    Exercise helps to liberate your inner self that wants to be set free. Each time you work out, you carry a takeaway feeling that brings happiness and wholesomeness to your daily life

    Words Veronica Ferraro
  • Stay fit at home

    Fitness is a lifestyle and staying motivated on your goals doesn’t end just because you’re at home. Channel your inner beast this quarantine year, to get fitter, stronger and mentally prepared for the real battlefield of life

    Words Kabir Bharara
  • The Ultimate Yogic Superpower

    Yoga has the power to cure much more than just our physical wellbeing. It is also the need of the
    hour while we face some of the most stressful situations

    Words Rohil Jethmalani