New challenger

Like every other yacht designed and built by Cantiere del Pardo, the Endurance 60 (E60) project also hovers around design, style and livability of both internal and external spaces. In the new Endurance 60, Pardo has linked elegance and minimalist design that can be seen in their Flotilla as well; especially looking at the bow lines and the hallmark of every Pardo Yacht. When it comes to the main deck, the E60’s external aft offers two collapsible side terraces that spread to about 33 square meters for relaxation, which shows Pardo’s focus on livability and usability of the spaces. And as you can imagine, this recreates a real terrace that overlooks the sea, giving you an access to live on board in contact with water. What characterises the aft external area further is its dining area with tables and chairs that gets an electric bimini to keep the sun on the other side and navigate in total safety even while you keep it open. Cantiere del Pardo has finished the aft area with a hydraulically foldable platform that conveniently retrieves the tender. They have also added an area with same proportion and comfort levels for the gangways that starts from the stern to the bow area; and the star of this area is the sundeck that is laid with recessed cushions of just the right dimensions and an aperitif area with table and comfortable seats. Above this area, Pardo has left it to the owner to equip the flybridge area on how much and how to equip it; like furnishing it with a sofa or with all recessed flush cushions or to have a second control area complete with negative windscreen and a refrigerator cabinet, to name a few. But this does not necessarily mean that the structure of the E60 is being compromised; because it is intentionally kept light and contained in height, allowing to lowering the center of gravity, which further works in favor of navigation and general aesthetics.

In the new endurance 60,prado has linked elegance and minimalist design

Now, when it comes to the heart of the E60, it is equipped with a 700 hp (800 opt) Volvo IPS engine; which goes on to prove that Cantiere del Pardo meets today’s demands of the market. And it goes unsaid that if we’re talking about Volvo’s engines, we do not have to worry much about maneuverability, maximum safety and containment of consumption. But not only that, this engine gives you the Dynamic Positioning System option as well, an incredible advantage during mooring; allowing you to not only keep the boat stationary at one point, but also simplifying maneuverability and moreover, making it feasible even with a small crew. And the optimisation does not stop there. The owner’s cabin uses the maximum width of the E60. The beautiful transitions between the interiors and exteriors are mothered by the large windows in the saloon, the windows that open on the sides of the galley create an area with a bar facing outwards, the continuity created by the accordion door that separates the dinette and cockpit gives a sense of absolute freedom. And at the lower deck, the three cabins, three bathrooms, vanity area for the ladies, sofa under the windows and various capacious and spacious wardrobes, are all packed together with clean and simple lines that go hand in hand with the colors that offer brightness and freshness.

The beautiful transition between the interiors and exteriors are mothered by the large windows in the saloon