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Music maestro A R Rahman recently released his latest original English single where he croons to celebrate music alongside fresh talent
Words Team Urbane

When four young artists get selected to perform alongside a master, it’s more than just a lucky break. More often than not, it’s a combination of sheer talent, hard work and perhaps the availability of an appropriate platform. So it was that four rookie artistes selected by a distinguished jury from the Nexa Music Lab found themselves sharing screen and studio time with none other than music maestro A R Rahman in his latest original English single titled You Got Me.

The song whose original English lyrics have been written by Nirmika Singh has a happy vibe and a foot tapping rhythm. The slick video, which has been directed by Uma-Gaiti, depicts a party scene and features not only the maestro himself but also the four artistes Nisa (Shetty), Heat Sink (Protyay), Jonathan and Pelenuo and Simetri.

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Our objective is to give budding artists a chance to collaborate with some of the best musicians in the industry

The four debutants were selected out of 24 contestants by a jury comprising Rahman himself along with the talented Clinton Cerejo and singer Anushka Manchanda among others. The idea of the Nexa Music Lab is to provide a platform to the vast amount of talent who sing and compose original music in the English language but have nowhere to showcase their work.
“Our objective is to give budding artists a chance to collaborate with some of the best musicians in the industry to produce music that reaches viewers across the world,” Rahman told the gathered audience at the launch of the single, before adding, “The Nexa partnership has made it possible to extend the much needed support to independent artists who are creating original English music across India.”

Adding a fillip to the whole idea, Nexa Music has planned a series of 12 Nexa Live Gigs in 8 cities across the country where such budding talent will get to perform live along side their mentors and jury. “NEXA Music was launched with an aim to provide a unique platform to the untapped English musical genius in country. With global music icons like A.R. Rahman mentoring these musicians to hone their skills, we are assured of compositions that match global standards,” said Shashank Srivastava, executive director – Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India, which also owns brand Nexa. The 24 original English music compositions that made it to the shortlist out of the 1,000 entries received were also released on Nexa Music’s YouTube channel.