Kriti Sanon dazzles in Manish Malhotra's Noorniyat collection at ICW 2021, See all pictures

Manish Malhotra’s bridal edit of the Nooraniyat collection celebrates a myriad of emotions

Team Just Urbane

Actor Kriti Sanon turned muse for couturier Manish Malhotra who kick-started the India Couture Week 2021 with his enchanting collection titled Nooraniyat. The collection celebrates brides in their original spirit and emotions that emanate their individuality in entirety. 

The bridal edit of Nooraniyat is the latest collection of Manish Malhotra’s bridal couture. Weaved in fine craftsmanship and exquisite intricate elements, the collection is an enchanting medley of bridal glory sprawled across strikingly hued compositions where each ensemble narrates an emotional story of its own.

“My bridal edit is an amalgamation of moods and emotions of the brides and over the years of creating their dream outfits and interacting with them, I inadvertently got drawn into those intriguing memories and decided to capture it all - from their enthusiasm and joy to the heartfelt and compassionate, there’s a myriad of emotions and sentiments that are so heart-warming yet unsettling moments before she turns the page onto her new chapter. There’s some surreal magic adoring every bit of their feelings, transmitting you into a world only known to a bride. Whether you are of the new age, or not, the feelings remain the same, the happy tears nonetheless flow, and through it all, our collection that she adorns transcends her dreams into reality.” says Manish Malhotra.

Steering clear from trends, the collection takes pride in legacies of sacred reds, plush peaches, scintillating golds while the heart of it beats on its contemporary yet glamorous silhouettes conforming with modern pursuits.
The range is expansive with Manish Malhotra’s signature trails, sheer veils and layering drapes as they are most favored, and perfect forms of extended silhouettes in bridal outfits, long enough to be trailing behind while the brides walk down the aisle in unparalleled elegance. The embroidery boasts of our age-old zardosi, badla, and of course our signature sequins on modern silhouettes.