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People who don’t know him well enough might think it’s all for show but if you ever got to speak to him you’d know that authenticity is what has made Dan Bilzerian the uncrowned 'King of Instagram'

Words Aninda Sardar

He’s a venture capitalist by trade, a die-hard thrill seeker, fitness enthusiast, actor and if you look at his Insta profile, alongside his staggering 31 million (and counting by the day) strong global fanbase, you would know that his lifestyle is that of an unabashed and unapologetic hedonist. His total fanbase if you consider Insta, Facebook and Twitter, among other platforms, exceeds 60 million. Of course there would be those who would be quick to sit on the moral high ground and be all judgy about Dan Bilzerian’s lifestyle choice but fact is, with an estimated net worth exceeding US$ 200 million and counting, as far as living it up is concerned, Dan really can. So why not? As the Millenials would say, Y-O-L-O. In Dan’s own words, he is “honest, unapologetic and a free thinker.”

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