Evelyn’s Secrets - What Women Really Want!

Words: Evelyn Sharma

We are beautiful emotional beings that go as deep as the universe itself. Women are to be loved. That’s all

Bollywood actress and social entrepreneur Evelyn Sharma is known most for her comic roles in films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani and Yaariyan, but her fans love her for much more than what meets the eye. Her charity foundation Seams For Dreams motivates to do good to the people around you, and her personal blog “Evelyn’s Secrets” inspires to simply become the best version of yourself. Just Urbane has roped in this all-round talent and inside-out beauty to give us men a little insight into the female brain, and what women really want…

International Women’s Day is just around the corner and a lot of my male friends and fans have been asking me what women are looking for. Simple, to feel appreciated by the men in their lives. Let me tell you a little secret. Women aren’t as complicated as they may seem. The fact that you are wondering how you could make your wife, sister, mother, or friend feel more appreciated already melts our soft hearts. So, thank you for being awesome!

What do women really want? I’m not here to preach on feminism or how women should be given more importance, I think we have moved beyond that now. I believe 100% in equality, and in the individual unique beauty of each gender, race, and creed. Also, it’s not rocket science what women want. It’s pretty easy: A woman wants someone who cares; someone who sees and appreciates how hard she works day in and out; the way she works behind the scenes of the big stage called life. Women hold the family together. They bring warmth, emotion and a touch of love to a family with everything they do and more – and did I mention we love to also have our own careers going on. Women have dreams! They are creative by nature, always ready to miraculously form something new out of thin air. Yes, that’s why we’re fantastic at picking arguments, too! Women have the ability to create a whole new human in their wombs, so imagine what else they might be capable of if fully appreciated by the people around her and encouraged to live to their full potential!

Women don’t need to be understood; we’re way too deep for you anyway. The thick skin we carry to protect ourselves only shows how soft and vulnerable our hearts are. We are beautiful emotional beings that go as deep as the universe itself. Women are to be loved. That’s all.

So, in case you missed Valentine’s Day last month, trust me, showing your lady appreciation for her hard work and dedication to making this world a better place on Women’s Day is going to bring a lot of joy into her life, and in turn yours. Women are extremely responsive beings too, and your appreciation will be stored in our minds forever. Get yourself some brownie points, and tell your woman that you see her, that you hear her, and that you appreciate those small things she does for you every day! Thank me later!

What else would you like to know about women?

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