Basics of beard grooming

beard grooming-1
So, beards were in. At least till the before the lockdown. Now though, unkempt hedges are a bit of a problem, aren’t they? Here are a few things that you can do to keep that man hair stylish

Words Aninda Sardar

There’s no argument. Beards make men look sexy. Just look at our current cover, millionaire Dan Bilzerian is oozing appeal with his beard which he wears with confidence. The key thing to understand however is, that it isn’t about going back to our caveman days. Unfortunately, this month long lockdown has played havoc with our grooming routines and is now threatening to take us perilously close to that impossible decision. To shave it off! You could of course do that and save yourself a whole lot of trouble and maybe a third of your sexiness. Or, you could do these.

(1)    Wash it with a beard wash –No, the shampoo doesn’t work. The hair on your face is a bit different from the hair on your head. Naturally, they need different stuff. So don’t be lame and apply that anti-dandruff shampoo all over your face. Put some effort into it and get yourself a proper beard wash. There are plenty available online.

(2)    Brush it out – Once you’ve washed it and dried it, it’s time to brush it out. Use a brush and not the same comb you just combed your hair with. Brush it out, against the grain so that the hairs stand out. Makes it easier to trim. Once you’re done you can brush it all back down again. For the moustache, just brush it to the left and right from the centre. The hair won’t tickle your nostrils then.

(3)   Trim it right – Use a trimmer for this job. Makes life easier because you can set lengths with the guard. You can stick to a standard setting for the guard to get an evenly trimmed beard or you can vary lengths to get a layered beard. The look that suits most faces is when the sides and the moustache are trimmed shorter than the hairs around the chin.

(4)   Clip that moustache – Use the trimmer for this job and then finish with a moustache scissors to trim the hairs on the upper lip. By how much? That’s subjective really. Some want it clipped, others like a bit of overhang. And relax your face while trimming that moustache.

(5)    Define the neckline – This is important. Thumb rule is to define it about a thumb above the Adam’s apple. Trim it to form a U when you lift your chin. Be wary of trimming it too far above the Adam’s apple because then it’ll appear you have a double chin. Even if you don’t.

(6)    Oil it up–This is actually a critical finishing touch in the whole process, because with all the washing and brushing and trimming, the beard and the skin on your face is bound to lose moisture. Oiling it helps balance things out. There are plenty of beard oils out there for you to choose from and each is as good as the other, but if you get one with Argon oil that’s a bonus.