5 videos that’ll help you up your style quotient


This is a unique list of videos that every man who aspires to be stylish at some point, must watch

Compiled by Team Just Urbane

Growing up, we were often told that the best way to learn something is by seeing it. Well, guess what? They were mostly right. What’s even better is that you no longer need to go from one corner of the globe to the other to see the things you want to really learn from. For those of you who aspire to up your style quotient, we have compiled this list of five superb videos from YouTube that we think every man should watch in his quest for a style evolution.

1.    8 Different Ways to Tie a Necktie by How to tie a tie: 
This 11 and a half minute video is well shot and covers eight specific tie knot styles. Whether you choose to wear a Four-In-Hand, this is the one that Ian Fleming’s Bond favoured, or a Windsor to work or a Merovingian to a wedding, this video should be enough to teach you how to tie this accessory like a pro. 

2.    Men’s Dress Shirt Styles by Gentleman’s Gazette
A super helpful 12 and a half minutes if you want to bring your knowledge of shirts up to speed. From fit to placket styles to cuffs and collars, everything is very well explained. By the end of this video you would have absolutely no problem explaining to your bespoke tailor exactly what kind of a shirt you want him to create.

3.    Proper Pants Break & Length How to Hem Suit Trousers, Dress Slacks & Chinos by Gentleman’s Gazette
Short and crisp, this seven and a half minute video explains how long your trousers need to be, and where you have to get them hemmed. The explanations are lucid and make sense and the video is peppered with pro-tips. 

4.    5 Belt Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid by Real Men Style
This video is a fabulous break down of belt rules that every man needs to know. The video leaves nothing to chance and gives out the tips in a crystal clear format by breaking it down to five situations. From matching your belt to your shoes and what to do if you don’t have an exact pair to the question of should you even wear one, this 8-minute 19-second video covers all the basics.

5.    5 Style of Shoes EVERY Man NEEDS in His Wardrobe! by Alpha M
Just shy of seven minutes is all you need to acquire some ace footwear tips. Get this list in place for when the shoe shops open up and you’re looking at a complete shoe cabinet. Personally, we’d also add in a flip flop and a good old fashioned chappal or sandal to rock that evening when you need to look your ethnic best, but hey that doesn’t take away from the fact that footwear wisdom is just a click away.