Work from home right now means you have no need to take those suits out of the cupboard. Hope you’re storing them right

Words Aninda Sardar

For most of us out here it has now been over a month since we have actually stepped out of our homes to go anywhere that would need us to wear our suits. Unless you’ve decided to attract the few eyeballs out on the world’s Covid infected by going grocery in that Armani linen suit of yours, it’s best that you keep them stored and out of harm’s way. But before you do that here are a few things you should remember.

1.    Hang them out
Do not fold them when you store them in a cupboard. Ever. Instead hang them on a wide wooden or stout plastic hanger. This will spread the shoulders out and help retain the shape of your well tailored suit. The wide stance of a broad hanger will also open up the suit somewhat and help dissipate trapped moisture. Pro-tip. Never use a thin wire hanger. Those things can’t take the weight of your suit and will eventually ruin the shape of that lovely jacket.


2.    Maintain social distancing between suits
Stack them all together and chances are that trapped moisture in the fabric will never effectively dissipate. Instead hang each suit about an inch or two away from the ones next to it.  This will allow the suit’s fabric to breathe. It will also prevent the fabric from being crushed by constant friction with other suits or clothes.

3.    Ditch the iron and use a steamer if you have one 
A standard iron dries out the fabric and eventually gives it a shine that shouldn’t be there. The heat from an iron may also sometimes burn threads and fibres, which will wear out your suit sooner than it should. The steamer is gentler and you can get one on an e-commerce site for as little as a grand and a half. Small change really if it means that your 25k suit will last a year longer.


4.    Fabric covers, always fabric covers
Never pack a suit in a plastic cover. What you need is a fabric cover because fabric breathes. Plastic doesn't. Which means any trapped moisture in the suit will remain trapped. Bad idea.

5.    Spot wash is better than dry cleaning
Ok, so suits do need dry cleaning but do them too much and the chemicals used will damage the fabric over time. In fact, spot washing works much better. Just wash the spot with the stain with a little bit of water and soft detergent and then dry it out.