The Game changer

Malvika Sitlani
How do you crack the code to becoming a successful digital influencer? We catch up with YouTube sensation Malvika Sitlani, and guess what she doesn’t mind handing out some top tips
Words Sakshi Tiwari

I have been fascinated with this whole idea of digital influencer for a while now. So when the editor asked for story ideas, I suggested if we could do one on how to become one. Before I could blink the nod of approval had come and gone and I had a job to do. A little research and a few calls later, I zeroed in on Malvika Sitlani, a YouTube sensation and a front-running contestant in the first cycle of India’s Next Top Model. There’s no doubt that Malvika is a bona fide digital influencer.

“I started working when I was 20 years old. I used to apply for various pageants and worked my way from there onto the runway. I experienced a lot of rejections until I enrolled for a famous pageant and I developed contacts in the industry. I began modelling, pursued it for almost two years but the income was very low. In all honesty, models don’t get paid very well which is why I had to look for other options. During this period I auditioned for Meri Pyari Bindu and thankfully got it!” she tells me.

Despite of all the rejections she faced, however she kept going. “Hard work, prayers and watching other people’s success stories motivated me to do better. In a moment I lost everything and realised that the state I was in, was not where I was meant to be and I was hell bent on changing that. Even in all the difficult moments where it felt like there would be no light at the end of the tunnel, I always saw the bigger picture. I don’t believe in luck, I believe in working my way up the ladder.”

Malvika Sitlani-1

And working her way up the ladder she certainly has. A quick check on her YouTube channel reveals more than 487,000 subscribers while she has more than 334,000 people following her on Insta. Success however hasn’t gone to her head and she knows that her fans must always be able to identify with her. “I want people to see me as someone relatable, someone who can connect with them from all over the world, at every level and can empathise with them.”

There are a couple of other reasons too for that huge fan following. Her style, chic but comfortable. In fact, how you appear makes a huge impression, she says. “A well-dressed man in himself is very attractive! Especially the way his clothes fit him. Ill-fitting clothes on a person do not leave the best impression. The way he grooms himself, his hair, beard, etc. But most importantly, good cologne makes all the difference.”

The biggest surprise of the chat however turned out to be Malvika’s take on the idea of luxury. “All family members in great health is the utmost luxury for me. Other than that, being able to purchase items without constantly checking the price tag and calculating if it’s within the budget is important as well.”

Just before I leave I ask her the one question that I haven’t. The one question that is the key to the entire story – What is the secret to becoming a successful blogger? “Consistency is key. You have to commit to it and keep posting till you get the traction you require. It won’t be a smooth process; some days will be better than the others but whatever you do, never stop uploading!”