Essentia Environment brings you luxury home of your dreams.

Essentia Environment has the perfect four floor bungalow plan that will leave you completely awestruck. Their ideas, designs and interiors make it the perfect home one could imagine of. 

Words Amisha Shirgave

Swamped in the daily humdrum of life, nothing compares to the comfort of your home. We all definitely have a dream and the idea of having the perfect home we someday wish to own. A grand welcome area, the perfect dining area, a balcony with a view, that one ideal portrait in the bedroom, marble tiles and so much more. This is a never ending list. Well, Essentia Environment brings you not only the perfect project for your home but also will astonish you with their extraordinary effort of getting into every minute detail of their four-floor bungalow plan. 

Essentia Environment’s four-floor bungalow in Gurgaon is no doubt the perfect residence for four. Its 12,000 sq.ft size is split over four levels and is built on a 700 yard land. The bungalow is built around open-to-sky gardens, landscaped courtyards, and ingressed green bodies, which provide not only a good view from each window, but also complete privacy from the neighborhood. What more can one expect? In classic Essentia style, the living areas and lounges are designed with opulent sofas, lounges, and armchairs to provide luxury seating. The richness and textures of the atmosphere are enhanced by elaborate panelling on the walls. The background likewise adheres to the Essentia principle of employing a neutral palette to create interest by incorporating rich textures, amazing tonal variations, and a variety of geometric designs. Art works are strategically arranged to make a strong impression. 

The dining area has a unique pattern of stone inlaid flooring. The glass table and riveted sculptural chairs contribute to the sense of exclusivity. The neighbouring bar room is made of magnificent white stone with gold-toned metal inlay. The kitchen is again a large room with plenty of counter space, well-organized storage, and a pantry. 

There are five bedrooms over all, with family and guest lounges on each floor, as well as a magnificent atrium and a wide stairway that unites all of the floors. With completely padded beds and headboards, as well as enormous walk-in closets, the bedrooms are sanctuaries of comfort and elegance. They're done up in a simple, beautiful style. 

The spacious bathrooms have freestanding bathtubs and mirrors, as well as island wash basin counters. The rich and exclusive atmosphere is created by the magnificent stones on the walls and floor. One wouldn’t hesitate spending an entire day in these amazingly designed bathrooms. The interiors are just so perfectly moulded. 

With potted plants and an attractive Buddha sculpture, the terrace garden is designed to provide comfort and tranquillity. It's ideal for a relaxing evening or for some family entertainment.The exceptional materials utilised and the ideal forms they are moulded into fill the home with colour and appeal, despite the interior design plan's minimalism. 

Monica Chawla, Creative Head – Architecture and Interiors, says “This house is also a very functional, minimal and sparsely decorated home. Most importantly, it caters to the every need of its inhabitants”. The exceptional materials chosen and the ideal forms they are moulded into make the home brim with liveliness and fascination, despite the interior design plan's minimalist approach. Rich stones and marbles, plush carpets, velvet and suede furniture, sculptural lighting, and other elements such as wood, metal, and glass bring the interiors to life. The custom-made artworks give the space personality, colour, and a bit of eccentricity.

The project's other highlight is the selection of dramatic sculptural lighting from Moooi and Flos. Greenery used inside and outside the house not only gives vibrancy to the room, but it also acts as a natural screen. “The owners never need to draw their curtains. The vertical gardens set up strategically offer all the privacy needed,” says Monica.