Design Deconstruct Unveils Stylish Powder Room Settings

Design Deconstruct, India's premier design and build company, has introduced a selection of powder room settings that will leave a lasting impact on your guests.

Words Amisha Shirgave

Monica Chadha founded Design Deconstruct (DD) in 2005 as a multi-disciplinary build and interior design firm, which was then expanded into construction with Rishabh Kapoor in 2014. Since then, the company has provided services with tremendous zeal and attention to detail. The search for precision and quality drives Design Deconstruct. It is the company's goal to provide its customers with the most cutting-edge structural and functional designs possible.

Powder rooms that reflect eternal splendour combine statement accent pieces, magnificent lighting fixtures, and rich materials. Powder rooms, according to the brand, are not half bathtubs, but rather an extension of your home's formal areas. Powder rooms, they say, add to the welcome you exhibit your visitors. These chic powder rooms are elegantly decorated and inviting, making them excellent settings for the modern house.

Darker themes are prevalent in Design Deconstruct's elegant powder rooms. The brand's idea is that the places should be spectacular yet subtle because they only have a few seconds to create an impression. The emphasis is on choosing the appropriate materials for the floors and walls. Marble is the material of choice for Design Deconstruct. The firm has used two or more varieties of marble to make an inlay pattern in a few designs, allowing them to add detail to the larger powder rooms.

In addition, Architectural Deconstruct has not shied away from using ornate chandeliers, which contrast sharply with the powder rooms' modern design aesthetic. In some of the smaller powder rooms, mirrors with unusual shapes are employed to create a statement and to increase the illusion of space. The brand chose simple sanitary ware for these powder rooms since they don't want it to be a design feature, but rather something functional and modest. Ceilings are painted with textured paint, which adds a soft element to the otherwise hard elements. The designers made it a point to include art in the restrooms as well, which doesn't have to be themed but should be able to hold your attention for a bit.

Today, interior designers and architects are in charge of all major projects around the world. These are the pillars upon which Design Deconstruct is built. The company has also worked on a number of turnkey projects. Design Deconstruct has assembled a highly qualified team capable of designing and executing architectural, landscape, and interior design projects, as well as producing the brand's refined and personalised furniture lines. The firm has worked on both residential and commercial projects and has a wealth of experience in both.