A smart guide for men to pack a light yet handy travel bag

Words: Srishti Hemmady

“I am not going to indulge in any blame-games, but ‘light packing’ has a different meaning to men”


You might be a smart packer, but dig deeper

Men have always mastered the art of light packing. Hence, we see men noticeably stress-free and having the time of their lives at any vacation they wander off to. Women on the other side, are always spotted carrying more than what they need but before you say ‘Hell to the yes’ to that statement, let’s try to inculcate the positive points. It is the art of organizing that sets them apart. I am not going to indulge in any blame-games, but ‘light packing’ has a different meaning to men. Packing haphazardly for a trip and bragging about how weightless your bag is, it won’t bag you brownie points when you are constantly borrowing things.

These guidelines won’t fail you and neither will your vacation. Read on!

  1. Pack the staple- Shirts and a pair of jeans are a given. Don’t throw in crumpled shirts that need ironing later. Pack a minimum of three to five crisp and clean shirts depending on the duration of the travel. Please don’t end up packing one pair of jeans for the entire trip and think it’s a genius plan. Always carry two pairs of denim and at least one trouser. Depending on your comfort level, mix and match up pieces which you would like to carry more of. A watch is another staple. It helps you keep track of time in an unknown location and the perks are, it compliments your overall look.

  2. Inner ‘mate’- Personal hygiene is number one priority, whether we happen to talk about a vacation or a staycation. Pack up a reasonable amount of intimate pieces and don’t compromise. Carry enough if there is no possible way of washing your clothes. Alongside carry a piece each of a track pant and a Bermuda for a relaxing fit.


    3. What’s on your foot- Adorn your legs with shoes that are sensitive towards your travel destination. An example of it: Don’t pack sandals for visiting a sand dune. Carrying gum-boots and a raincoat for Cherrapunji is a smart choice. It means you researched and packed well. If it’s a business cum leisure trip, carry a formal pair of shoes. Don’t forget, first meetings, then all of the enjoying can come along.

    4. Odour Control- You don’t need to overpower anyone with the essence on you. But a little bit of cologne can go a long way. Carry a pocket-friendly mini-bottle for your body as well as a mouth-freshener for your mouth. Make hangovers look easy, okay?

    5. Life Savers- Even if you happen to go to a place that has a super chill vibe, be ready with all the essentials. Carry a small transparent pouch that has a torch, candles, wet wipes, noise canceling earphones, a pair of socks, sunglasses, portable charger, sunscreen (Yes, men need it to, unless you like a nice tan) a rope, a compass, a light windcheater and an umbrella. Alongside your luggage, always keep a light travel bag for trips outside of the hotel.


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