Words: Vani Kambali & Prachi Rathi

There sure are many recommended dishes because that is what Hoppipola has in store for you, some incredible tasting food and one heck of an experience.

Some friends, good music, cool environment and chilled beer; this is what today’s socializing scene looks like. And guess what, Hoppipola is the right place to find everything that you need

You know you’re at Hoppipola when a lively crowd is chilling to groovy music while a pleasant aroma pushes your olfactory senses into overdrive whenever you cross tables. Hoppipola’s aim to become a one stop restaurant is turning successful. One cannot come to Hoppipola and leave unsatisfied as it feels like home. As soon as you enter this magical place, you will be welcomed with quite a lot of “quote frames” and their mini stage where all the live performances take place. The most special thing about the Hoppipola chain is that they keep their décor identical. Vibrant colour schemes running through the whole of their interiors and a wall full of cuckoo clocks in all the cities always strike a chord with this little joint. Our visit to this place was to try out their new menu. Lesser dishes but each made with perfection.

It’s Hoppi’s tradition to start your night with their specials, the Cocktails. We went ahead and ordered a Watermelon and Basil Mojito that gives you some major beach chills making it a perfect drink for the harsh summers.Their most favourite cocktail, The Hoppi Tub, can get two people tipsy enough to heighten the fun. For starters, we ordered the Maggi Missiles, a fancy twist to the all-time favourite Maggi Noodles. Next on the table were the Naga chilli potatoes, a smooth amalgamation of honey and the spiciest chilly ever, the Bhut jolokia. We also ordered for some Avalanche Nachos that were topped with steamy melted cheese of 4 variants.

However, we were constantly eyeing the Old Monk Chicken. A combination of four mind boggling chicken varieties, this chicken platter consisted of Chicken Trilogy, Chicken Sukka with a Mangalorean essence to it, Hoppi Fried Chicken (which by far were the best fried chicken I have ever popped in my mouth)and the Old Monk Chicken wings. This masterpiece has a slight taste of Old Monk which balances the other flavours in the chicken because the Old Monk is added to the chicken right from the margination process. For mains, their most recommended dish was Prawn Chettinad with Rice and gravy will surely take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen.Their pizza, being one of their specialties, did not appeal to me. After tasting some scrumptious starters and the Prawns, their pizza seemed bland. Nevertheless, right before that could be judged, they brought us the dessert and it sure tasted divine.

Old Monk chicken wings

Aglio Oglio

One can never go wrong with vanilla and chocolate ice cream paired with a Choco-lava cake. The Choco block was crumbly from the outside and smooth from inside. Pour the ice cream over the block and take a bite and you’ll prefer staying in your fantasy world and not coming back. Kulfi panacotta with bourbon caramel was the perfect end to the evening. There sure are many recommended dishes because that is what Hoppipola has in store for you, some incredible tasting food and one heck of an experience.

Choco Block


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