Yoga uses key techniques and mediation tactics that help silence the constant motion of the human mind which results in the stress one feels.

Words Vani Kambali

“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul”- Amit Ray

There are multiple articles that we have read stating the benefits of yoga and how it brightens our life, hence, there will be no rehashing that. However, with India turning into a startup capital, a lot of fresh emerging talents are stepping their feet into this infinity web of Entrepreneurship. As is with young blood, there’s always a sense of competition for the betterment. But with that, comes a lot of stress, tension and exhaustion. Where most young leaders understand the value of staying physically fit, only a few dedicate as much time to their mental well being. Whether an amateur or an expert, practising this ancient art even for few minutes a day will enable you to turn your body and mind into a powerhouse of resources.

Here are few reasons why practising yoga will benefit your health and will also help your company grow.

Being an entrepreneur leaves you with nothing but a lot of managing and decision making. Yoga is the time when you let go. If you are taking special yoga lessons, it’s even easier on you as there is someone to guide and control you, which is very important for an entrepreneur as it will help him/her,  find a middle ground and can also empathise with their employees. It can help build trust in your managers when it’s time for them to hold the reigns. A mind that is at peace is certain to manage negligible relationship issues superior to a mind that is in turmoil.

On the field, it’s important to judge your work as it helps in the improvement of products, systems and outcome. However, once you are out of it, you must stop putting yourself under the knife of any sort of judgment and free your head space. Let yoga help you acknowledge your current physical and mental situation. Entrepreneurs as young as 21 are dealing with depression because of the amount of stress that they call/take on themselves, but yoga improves the flow of oxygen to the brain which keeps depression out of the system.

In an entrepreneurs life, there’s always a never-ending to-do list. It isn’t harmful to your body to experience stress but it becomes toxic when it decides to not leave your body whatsoever. Yoga uses key techniques and mediation tactics that help silence the constant motion of the human mind which results in the stress one feels. When you stress, your body releases stress hormones, which when released aptly, is positive for the functioning of your body. However, when it fails to leave your body and there is an excess of it residing within, you suffer from issues like heart and brain problems, blood pressure, and other organ issues.

Working on a schedule can be daunting. But just like your work and office, you need to maintain some patience with yoga. It takes time, but when it works, its nothing but magic. It’s a long process, and accepting the journey is the most crucial bit. Yoga helps in appreciating the journey from the beginning, where all the chaos begins, right to the point of success.

The tension in the mind and body eat at our cores, kills our creativity and leaves us as hollow husks rather than the happy beings you deserve to be. Yoga alleviates all this stress and tension, and help enhance our powers of perception and intuition. It sharpens our sense of instincts into a refined state, which can help us reach the ultimate success. So, the next time you feel aggravated or not at peace with yourself, take five minutes of your time and give in to Yoga. Trust me, it will make a difference.


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