Bartisans: Bar-quality cocktails at home

Here’s our review on the premium range of Bartisans cocktail mixtures. So let’s pour, shake & serve!

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade… and find someone who adds alcohol to it. Well in this case, I had the alcohol and I found someone who could mix it up for me. As the lockdown hit (which seemed like forever!) and bars shut shop (on again-off again) what I missed the most about my liquids were cocktails. It’s easy to gulp one down on the rocks at home, but variety is the spice of life and my palate demanded some sophistication.

My search for good cocktails led me to take up an online bartender’s course, like many others staying home, I too succumbed to a new hobby. While the process of learning the skill was basically practice makes perfect, having a fully stocked bar with all ingredients at home was too much of an investment. That’s where Bartisans came to my rescue. Like any Punjabi family, we are fully stocked with alcohol at home and the remaining required ingredients were supplied by Bartisans. These perfectly blended mixes became the yin to my yang to make some delicious cocktails.

I first tried the blue pea and mint fizz mix, rose cardamom whiskey sour mix, tamarind orange whiskey sour, ginger-spiced sour mix, and smoked pineapple basil margarita mix. I guess these names would have answered your question to why can’t we just make it at home? Well, this isn’t your regular screwdriver cocktail. It’s got layers of complexities and intricate infused flavors. Another amazing quality of this brand is that it’s all organic and the juices began as fruit first and not some store-processed juice.

My two favorites were the smoked pineapple basil margarita which you can actually pair with tequila, vodka, or white rum. I know the various alcohol combinations with the mix because they send across a small pamphlet with the mixing instructions and a QR code to watch the how-to video on YouTube as well. Tell me about being well equipped! Bartisans believe that the devil is in the details as they even mention the kind of glass you need to pour your drink into. The second on my list is the tamarind orange whiskey sour which could be paired not only with whiskey but also with bourbon, tequila, or vodka. Each alcohol pairing elevates different flavor notes but works like a marriage made in the heavens.

Teetotallers can also enjoy these complex mixes because they make equally spectacular mocktails. Add some soda and ice and you're ready to indulge in some flavorsome drinks. But ultimately what won over my heart was their mindfulness as a brand. They are 100 per cent vegan and cruelty-free. Each box that they use to ship their mixers in is made from 100 per cent post-consumer recycled cardboard. They do not use plastic, as in bubble wrap, and have designed the shipping boxes with wisdom that holds the bottles in place. Recyclable BPA-free glass bottles are used in amber color to help preserve the contents. The creative brand even encourages your creativity by letting you reuse the bottles in fun ways or always return it to them to re-bottle the same.

Bar-artisans are such a perfect amalgamation of finesse and homely comfort! They are true artists when it comes to designing and curating drink mixers. Thanks to them now everyone can feel the joy of making some smashing cocktails at the comfort of their homes. You can’t buy happiness, but you can prepare a cocktail. And isn’t that’s kind of the same thing? Cheers!