June 24, 2019

Ducati successfully completes second round of DRE Individual Racetrack Training Sessions at MMRT, Chennai

  • The DRE Racetrack Training in India was spearheaded by Ducati Certified trainers, Gurvinder Singh and Anand Dharmaraj
  • For information on the next DRE Racetrack Training, follow Ducati India’s website www.india.ducati.com or its social media channels @ducati_india on Instagram and Twitter

Luxury motorcycle brand Ducati successfully conducted its second DRE Individual Racetrack Training Sessions in India. The one of its kind training sessions were spread over two days – 21st and 22nd June 2019 at Madras Motor Race Track, Chennai and saw participation from Ducati owners.

Four Ducati owners including Janak Deb, Shree Krishna, Balaji and Vinayak Shetty were certified with a DRE certificate of completion after undergoing individual training on the racetrack. The DRE Individual Racetrack Training Sessions provide a rider with an opportunity to train and learn from a DRE Certified Trainer who only imparts individual training to one rider, throughout the day. This focused and unparalleled attention from a dedicated trainer throughout a day gives valuable insights and feedback to a rider who want to learn the art of going fast on a race track.

During the first DRE- Racetrack Training held on 27-28 April at BIC, Ducati certified Amit Sadh - Bollywood celebrity and Ducati owner, Neharika Yadav - India’s leading litre class female rider along with Ducati owners Prashant Kumar and Hansveer Chandok, raising the number of DRE Certified riders to eight-under this program. The full-day, one-on-one training was spearheaded by DRE – Certified Trainers Gurvinder Singh and Anand Dharmaraj who specialized in racetrack training. The full-day training had sessions each where the riders were taught about the important techniques of riding on track such as correct riding position, correct view, braking, acceleration, braking position, pace management, racing line, etc.

Sergi Canovas, Managing Director of Ducati India said, “With DRE – Individual Racetrack Training, we are trying to build a foundation for riders who wish to ace it on the track. We did the first sessions at BIC, Noida for our community in the North and now, we’ve brought the training to MMRT, Chennai for our Ducatisti in South India as the idea is to make this a national initiative and give Ducati owners an opportunity to learn individually from experts. We have seen a major shift amongst riders towards motorsports and these trainings will continue to build exceptional skills according to the ability and needs of participants.”

The DRE Racetrack Training is not just for beginners but also for advanced riders. Riders get personal attention from DRE trainers which help beginners to learn the basic nuances of track riding in a safe environment and help advanced riders further enhance their strong areas with key techniques. It focuses on teaching, enjoyment and adrenaline while riding the most beautiful and high-performance bikes from the Ducati family.

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