Scottish Leader Original Whiskey

We tried out a new whiskey from the Scottish Leader brand, which is a blend of malt and grain whiskies and has been recently introduced in India. But, does it have all that to fare against all the existing great whiskeys in the market? Well, we sipped a couple of drinks to help you know more about it

Words by: Harshit Srinivas

2022 couldn’t have started better! After 45 years of splendid history, Distell International and Aspri Spirits joined hands to introduce the Scottish Leader Original whiskey in India. Honestly, I have never fallen in the category of whiskey drinkers for obvious reasons — its taste. But, when the brand insisted on trying out its very first launch product, I thought to myself, why not give it a try? And here I am with a huge bar-kit box on my desk, specially crafted for reviewers (read alcoholics!) to try out the Scottish leader Original whiskey.

Unboxing the hamper, you find a bottle of whiskey in a red carton reminiscent of a famous brand, a pair of whiskey glasses, a peg measurer, and a handy flask. The cap of the whiskey glass bottle is a tin cap that if not broken at appropriate points gets free on the rings and you tend to lose the ability to cap it back (read close). The alcohol percentage in the whiskey is 42.8 percent volume per volume, and besides that, on the nose, the Scottish Leader Original hints us of malt, sherry, or oak, with a soft smokiness behind. 

Enough of chitchat! It's time to make a drink now. The whiskey, when sipped with water and a few cubes of ice, tasted pleasant or rather sweet to me. You certainly get a taste of a whiskey with flavors of toffee and nuts, and bits of orange with caramel. Also, on the taste buds, the whiskey struck a perfect balance of spice and sweetness, which rather appears to be complex while reading this review but trust me on this, was smooth in every slurp with the rich taste. And, not to miss out, it had a long finish with a touch of mild oak which can be rather felt even after a couple of minutes after the glass had left your lips. 
Overall, I, who reviewed a whiskey for business for the first time, thought that the taste was remarkable, and if allowed, then you should hear my friends who joined me for the evening tasting session. They not only enjoyed it but even crowned it as by far the most affordable and best-tasting whiskey in the market today. I couldn’t agree more with them! 

With so many awards under their hat such as 2019 Scotch whiskey Masters – Gold, 2019 World whiskey Awards – Silver, 2020 International Wine and Spirits Competition – Silver, and 2021 Scotch whiskey Masters – Silver, you know what to ask for when you go booze shopping for yourself the next time. For now, the Scottish Leader Original is available across India in the states of Punjab, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana and comes at a sticker price of Rs 1500, 2750, 2449, and 2150 respectively.