An ode to Karl Lagerfeld

With the unparalleled dark sunglasses, white pony tail (and now a white beard), fingerless black gloves and a walking stick, the world of Karl Lagerfeld is the place to be right now It’s the last day


The enlightened ones say that it’s not the love, but the expectations that hurt. But for us, it’s a mixed bag of both happiness and pain.


It’s the month of love! And we are setting on a quest to bring back old school romanticism with these movie scenes that you must take inspiration from Love Actually (2003) Scene: When newly wed Juli


If your Valentine’s Day gift list has chocolates or stuffed bears on it, chuck it out of the window, burn it or whatever.

Being ‘SOCIAL’ite

FC Road Social has finally opened its gates for us, after a month’s display of its massive sign visible from miles away, and has brought along with it a brand new hangout spot by the name of Social Ch


You must’ve seen bartenders flaring the shaker and found it to be really cool.


The iconic brewery of Bangalore made its way to Pune, but does it follow suit? If there’s one thing we Punekars bond over besides a plate of piping hot momos or adrak chai, it would probably be a nice

Fly High

Which country do you think has the most number of female pilots? Well, read on to find out When I was at school in Mumbai in the late 1960s, a survey was conducted in selected schools around the world

Soul Food Sundays

A fan of craft beer, delicious food and good times? Ales, Brews & Ciders Brewing Company is the place to be! For most of us, Sundays are for Netflix and chill, while for the rest it starts at 4 pm

Discover: Canada

The second biggest country on the planet flaunts beautiful landscapes, mountains, glaciers, beaches and the majestic Niagara Falls… Instead, here I was, chasing BeaverTails… Curious? Well, let’s find